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I am supposed to be across the state tomorrow, for a much-needed weekend retreat. Whatever organism is responsible for my current upper respiratory distress had other ideas.  Many Kleenex(r) have died. Much violent sneezing.  Many bad words have been muttered.  (We will not dwell on the morning vertigo).

While I sniffle, here are some things that have been going pretty well in the garden:

Yes, the “Just Say No to Mow” campaign has claimed another section of yard from the sod.  New plants here include Stokesia, catmint, two kinds of tall [well, next year] asters, and then there are more established plants, such as the big black elderberry in the middle [here it shows up with reddish-brown foliage].

This is what one of the garden plots from last summer looks like after a year of growth.  The purple-brown spires on the left are actually the fading flower stalks from some Thai basil I planted this spring. They make a surprisingly nice ornamental; I think I’ll get some for next year.

And this fine Red Admiral butterfly stopped by to visit the fig trees a few days ago.


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“You know,” says my Beloved, as the same 7 or 8 second instrumental plays in the background of the PBS documentary for the umpteenth time, “That’s all the music that they paid for….”

You’d think with all the different nostalgia-act pledge break fodder they recycle on PBS, someone would have managed a licensing deal for something….

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