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I used to be marching each Memorial Day [in wool and leather, thank you very much, and one member of the squad usually fell over somewhere along the trek to the VFW on the other side of the highway], and while it felt like the speeches went on forever, that was nothing in comparison to what others have endured.

Ambulance Driver has a few words on that topic: go read!

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I know I’ve got ovaries.  They do all the expected hormonal things, and the endometrium routinely dies of boredom. But contrary to the hopes of this Boston review, even these cannot inspire me to want to see the new Sex and the City film.

Besides, the lavender has started to bloom, and there are new garden beds to be dug out from the lawn. And maybe even a pond to start!

[Wordpress asks if I’d like to use some of the “most used tags” to label my post.  Where’s the fun in that?]

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I spotted an ad offering “Christian mower repair” today, and couldn’t help but wonder how I was supposed to assess the faith tradition of my lawnmower.

And behold, the Lord G*d of yardwork spoke and said “Verily, let not a single uncircumcised string trimmer be among you, lest the string feed out randomly and smite thee…”?

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More studies need to be conducted involving [this fish] in order to
determine whether or not PCBs had an effect on it putting
cause for more research in the future.

The fish were unavailable for comment.  I just slapped a grade on the document and moved on to the next logical disaster…

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