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The moss has been flourishing all winter. This snow was really more like a brief bit of playing dress-up with a season that wasn’t supposed to be around.


It was gone by the afternoon, and warm enough for me to start pruning shrubs and noticing all the mantis egg cases that had been stowed in the Nine-bark bush.  Ah well.  Maybe we’ll get more before the winter is completely gone….

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“As with most technical advancements, there was at first a beginning that laid much of the groundwork”

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Winter interest


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Please stand by

At some point dinner will happen, cat boxes will get cleaned, cars re-arranged, and many other sundry things that constitute running a household. Laundry, even.

But I think the tree is staying where it is for a while…


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The things are everywhere.  THINGS.  Some of them are useful, some attractive, but an irritating lot of them are just there, taking up space [physical and mental] — they need to go.

With the holidays mostly past [there are still a few family members we haven’t been able to visit with yet, and Christmas doesn’t officially end in our home until after Epiphany…sometimes well-after], it’s time to declutter!

So far I’ve manage to find most of the kitchen counters, my desktop, my work table, and there’s hope that next week will be full of similar bustling.

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