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British Airways and the Spanish airline, Iberia, are in merger talks?!

I’ve flown BA before, but all my memory can supply for Iberia is their jingle from the early 1970’s, which is filed next to the terribly dated Iran Air jingle.  Iberia’s just sang their brand name several times, but Air Iran seemed to make a kind of social promise that….well, might be as improbable to our current sensibilities as a merged airforce would have been to those venerable British and Spanish monarchs of centuries ago:

“…in our hearts and many more ways
America, we’re going your way!
Air Iran is going your way…”

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An “unfriendly noise”: suspected gunfire, typically followed by sirens


“My God, it’s Detroit, with crabs…”

Word had me laughing out loud as we drove this afternoon [and we completely forgot what we had been looking for].

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…when one of the snowflakes asks plaintively:

“so there’s no science without nature? is that true with only science or other areas as well?”

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See here. [Thank you, Derek]

I also love the phrase “a sort of high-affinity fluorescence probe for Epic Fail” courtesy of DoctorPat.

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Few of these leaves survived the weekend’s rains, but I thought you should see them anyway:

AutumnLeafSky09This was taken with Word’s camera; the sensor on my Nikon 5700 is misbehaving again:

NikonSensorFail1The rhodie is roughly the correct colors, but the basket and morning glories sure as hell aren’t!  Purlewe thought it might be a battery problem, but this was with a new, newly charged battery, so I’m not feeling optimistic about my camera at the moment….

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