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Method and madness

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“A friend who writes for television says her writers’ room has an expression for any trite, overly familiar idea — basically, anything that feels too much like TV. She calls ideas like that “tied with a chive,” after those inane bundles of green beans that caterers used to serve. Something that is tied with a chive is manipulated in order to express elegance and care, but in fact only communicates their absence. That’s how I feel about most of the sundaes in New York now.”

See the rest of this somewhat deflating grumble about un-inspired ice cream confections here: This Ice Cream Sundae Must Be Stopped!

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“Okay, so what screen are you looking at now?”

“There are lots of little pictures, and none of them say Messages.”

“Well, swipe to the right or left until you find it.”

“Not ‘up’?”

“No, up isn’t going to help here.”

“Oh!  There’s a message from you!”

“And what does it say?”

“It disappeared.”

“Err.  Did you click on it?  Wait. Are you in the Messages program?”

“I don’t see messages.  I see News, Weather, Health, ….”

“Okay, you’re still at the top level menu.  Find the Messages icon and click that.”

“I can see Messages, but there’s a red circle with a 3 in it.”

“Yes, that’s because I’ve been sending you messages.  Please click on that icon”

“Okay…oh, wait, I clicked something else that was green….”

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