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I was hesitating over that title, because maybe the end of 2014 is more about setting things free…but then decided that the idea of “Let it Go” had been a trifle overused in the last few months, and who needs that earwurm again? [Confession: I like the song, but overplay and over-commodification make it grating.]

Here: look at more tatting, instead!


No, I haven’t a clue what to do with them.  I am tat-less in addition to tactless, apparently.  But let me get back on-task now… In the last hours I have of this year, there are a few things that Must Be Done, in no particular order:

  • Charitable contributions:
    • Doctors without Borders, Heifer, alma mater, local arts, clothing donations, etc.
  • Bills
  • End of year report to employer
  • Buy milk
  • Work on music
  • Clear my desk
  • Closet-culling
  • Acknowledge past traditions I do not practice for the tying up of other things….


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Let’s call things what they are.

Saving-spade---gardening2Let’s imagine how things could be….

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Garden rescues are starting to become a specialty of mine; tell me that some place will be sold, or some area is about to become the next section of a long-planned development, and I’m immediately thinking of how I can gather some seeds, take a cutting, grab a shovel….

Will those roses survive bare-root? The Rose-Rustlers seem to have good luck with that — let’s give it a try! That Blue Bunny hydrangea from Avant Gardens? Sure — pot it up! Rhody cuttings go to Van Veen‘s; ferns are dormant and therefore eminently portable; hey, that iris tuber looks mighty healthy and the ground is still soft enough around it to pry some out….

My father gives me a tall container filled with shredded documents and beloved dahlias. And more gardening tools. Okay, I’ll do my best with them all.

Here you see my grandmother’s gardening tools, my great-great-great aunt’s currant bush, and a section of where the mint had been growing in my yard [see various posts about how much I hate lawns/lawnmowing].

The currant bush is especially interesting because of its resurgence: a neighbor’s maple tree shaded it out, and the bush pretty much vanished for 25 years. I thought it had died. But then the maple was taken down… and to everyone’s surprise, the currant bush sprouted up again. Sprouted, thrived, produced tart, delicious berries — jelly was once again made and savored on home-made corn muffins and toast.

It was a further delight a few days ago when I discovered that a new bush had formed from a runner, with thick, healthy roots and many-budded branches. That’s what you see in the picture above, next to its new home in our side garden.

One of its tap roots went downwards for about a foot, and then bent to the left. As I was digging out a space for it to fit, I started hitting coal fragments, and I was especially happy — the currant’s original home had been near one of the old coal/coke piles. “Look!” I said to it, crushing some of the coals and mixing them in to the soil mix I was preparing [which included dirt from the old location, Leafgro, peat moss, etc..] “It’s like home. You’ll like it here….”

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And so once the car was unpacked, we sat in front of the fireplace for a while….

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IMG_3814Suggested starting point:  People in other countries think we are crazy and therefore….

Alternative: what is that sea star doing to that bespectacled man?

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The cats are prowling around the base of the steamer trunk, on which I have perched the Christmas tree. The steamer trunk set-up is an improvement over perching the tree on an endtable, or small child’s table, both of which have been used in the past.

The eldest cat, who doesn’t climb much of anything these days, and can no longer leap up to the bed or a windowsill, skulks widdershins around the steamer trunk, and watches Word hang little twisted tin candy canes on the lower branches. He sniffs at the wire of lights that cascades down the back of the tree to the nearby electrical outlet. He sits.


I had my first Christmas tree in an apartment of my own when he was a kitten, and as the tree lay horizontal on the rug in my bedroom/office area, he managed to embed himself in the branches as soon as I’d gotten the netting off the object. Somewhere I have a picture of his manic green-gold eyes, glaring at me, his shadowy face blurring into the dark needles… He was terribly pleased about the whole thing. Getting him out again was quite a trick…. I think gloves were involved.

Merrily greet the time, with bells and songs and yule cats!

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Blue-Snowflakes-2014Let’s see.

  • Gifts
  • Tree
    • The decoration thereof
  • Cards? Maybe?  New year’s cards, maybe?
  • Lunch
  • Mailing brown paper packages [string optional]
  • Putting away the things necessary for doing the above
  • Burn concert CDs
  • Tape measures
  • Practicing with MagicPlan app
  • Sleep

In no particular order…

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