All those bulbs I planted last fall are starting to erupt in color….


Street scenes

The NY Times ran a story today about scenic street ambles from cities around Europe..20150417-204226.jpg Here’s another place for a nice stroll….

Well, you tell me:

HappyUnderwoodTypewriterThat is one smug typewriter. I’m not sure what it will think of being cleaned, though…

Meanwhile, a much more modern appliance in the basement needs a new exhaust pipe.  Nothing like damp, linty air spewing out of a clothes dryer to inspire trips to the local hardware emporium. Feh.  And just as the weather begins to preclude rapid air-drying of our washables!

Nothing but excitement here in Elsinore, that’s for sure.

Pelts out of season

For some reason, I hadn’t thought about snakeskin for entire coats.  But in those Roaring 1920s, I guess it was a thing.Frock-and-Snakeskin-coat

I think this was October, 1927.  The Crash was around the corner.  if you were, say, in high school then, the world would be very, very different by the time you had graduated.  Or gotten married.  Or any number of things…


Scan-1927-O-Cedar-Ad-16045246I assume you can sort this out.  If it was a rebus, I guess my message would be “Spring Cleaning is for the Birds”?  Maybe?  It’s a lovely day.  [Well, outside children are screaming, but that’s just the nursery school at recess]

Spring expectations



  You think you know what you have, think you have it set in a sensible place, hope you’ve saved something of the past, even if it can’t tell you everything about where it’s been….


And then….one morning…..



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