Of several types


Spikey bits


We joke, sometimes, about cats lying on their backs “with all the pointy bits [pointing] up.  These cacti hardly have any section that is not being pointy in multiple directions!

And for good measure, here’s a spikey thing by Chihully:





Higher ground


Ah, the beauty of the Denver Botanic Gardens….

Special guest moth

The Ailanthus moth feeds on nectar, but the young feed on Ailanthus leaves. As we are NOT fond of ‘Stink Trees’, we find this visitor downright patriotic. 


Special guest bee



There was the trainride and the van ride. Old friends in new settings that were really their native settings. There was the bomb scare, and the concert. The lunch and the revelation.  A visit to a building that hadn’t been there 15 years ago, and to one that’s been there for over 100.  Reuniting participants in a one-sided crush.  Watching behavioral loops ossify and tighten.  Crying and singing and SINGING and sending music out in as many directions as possible.

We were going about 45 mph when I snapped this.  Maybe you can see the time distortion through the lack of crispness in this image?

I’m kind of surprised there was any definition at all…

Self sabotage

…is something I don’t tolerate in other people very well. .


Convincing people to go back on their own ultimatums [ultimata?  Is it Greek or Latin?] is just NOT a good long term strategy.  A recipe for flaming multicolored slaw.  At ones own barbecue.

I know what it’s like:  It’s like not just _taking_ the counter-offer, it’s making the counter-offer and taking it. See here.



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