Holding pattern

I may have a little trouble typing…

Things settle down

Or maybe they just rumble on in a different key.




Tracings of sparrow


Just sayin’

The WordPress snowglobe effect has NOTHING on what’s currently going on outside my window.

“Lara’s Theme” from Dr. Zhivago, is a fine enough piece of music… but in this setting, where the music is faintly swelling from the hidden speakers in the shrubberies..


It doesn’t seem to be working out quite as planned….

I used to get them at conferences, stocking up each trip, prizing the vendors with the best paper or the smoothest-writing pens. Now random charities and real estate offices send the stuff, and the pens at conferences seem to be deliberately under-filled with ink, in order to save on weight or price point.  
But in a life where I don’t have to label stacks of papers to be returned, and I’m just as likely to grab a torn envelope for writing my shopping lists,  the pads accumulate… Drawers overflow with solicitous, gift-seeking, stationery, and yet I’m conditioned not to waste paper….


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