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The weather has suddenly gotten the calendar memo — people were thawing so fast that sublimation and perhaps unwise clothing selections were visible all over Washington DC yesterday.  No I was not in town to chain myself to a fence or lobby the Pharma folks…

Behold, the annual Squeegee Festival near the National Mall:

Watch the cavorting of outdated office supplies in the bold light of (almost) Spring:

Oh, and some people might be coming into town to gawk at the cherry blossoms….

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Remnants of the great icicles of 2010:

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“She also found herself grieving the death of a quarter horse, whose movements were remarkably natural.”

…as opposed to all those quarter horses with unnatural gaits?  Isn’t the action of a quarter horse one of the main features of the animal?  And the less a reader knew about horses, the stranger the sentence would get…

[sigh]  See the original article here

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