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Family groups, and dogwalkers failing at social distancing, amble the wrong way up the alley, sometimes commenting about how there are trees here — it’s interesting how quickly that tells you people are roaming beyond their usual neighborhood boundaries.

The people we know from our street walk the other way down the alley, and are commenting about the leaves fledging out, or are those pussywillows lingering longer than usual.  They’d talk about the pollen on cars, too, except most of that has washed away in the rain.

The pollen in the air is a different matter, and the mold/fungal spores brought on by a warm snap.  The much hated Bradford Pears make throats itch and noses twitch — exactly what you don’t want if you are on guard for a horrible contagious lung infection for which symptoms have been only vaguely described….

How are you?

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