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Well, someone bearded like the conventional image of a lumberjack, and that was okay [sure, start singing it; I am, too!]. I spied him taking photos of the bright orange cosmos across the street, and invited him to see the asters in their splendor:

PurpleAstersFront2017His name is Louis, and he was pleasantly agog at the number of plants and variety of bees.  “This is what my wife hopes our garden could be like,” he said.  “Would it be okay if I came over sometime with my macro lens and tripod?”

I tell him he is easily distinguished from a Jehovah’s Witness, and he laughs. I tell him about a nearby arboretum that would also make a great place for photography and it’s possible he’ll choose that for his photography jaunt.

All good.


And knowing more people who might like seeds is always nice.


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Meadow magic

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