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Keeping Mum

I’ve had some contract work keeping me away from my own writing, but the garden has been plenty busy on its own…


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…but she keeps getting larger….


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They did! They did!

All together now:

Some day my Quince will come….”


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Getting the breath right

GreenGlassBaubles1So we spent three hours or so, not blowing glass, but trying to match an ideal sound, trying to shape air columns and vocal cords to make moments of [impermanent] crystal beauty.  “Match my color and tone”, said the conductor, and we did our best.

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A tale from a long time ago:

“Stop that! what are you doing?!?? Put that DOWN!!!”

And the guinea pig continued to romp around my friend’s dorm room, proudly carrying the new tampon stolen out from the carton beneath the bed…..

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