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One last piece in Project AMR, startup bid for Project JM, possible Project P, and I’m sure there’s something else down the road.

Providing, of course, that the end of the road isn’t on fire…



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Where I am, rain is welcome, not a catastrophe, but the temperatures are ominous: the AC should not be running in October!

But we were warned, and trends matter. This is real stuff: air, water, physics; implacable as the political stubbornness that will doom us. Unless.

Back to the warnings: here's a link the people of the Caribbean islands need as reference — https://web.archive.org/web/20170208200635/http://pr-ccc.org/download/PR%20State%20of%20the%20Climate-FINAL_ENE2015.pdf


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Well, someone bearded like the conventional image of a lumberjack, and that was okay [sure, start singing it; I am, too!]. I spied him taking photos of the bright orange cosmos across the street, and invited him to see the asters in their splendor:

PurpleAstersFront2017His name is Louis, and he was pleasantly agog at the number of plants and variety of bees.  “This is what my wife hopes our garden could be like,” he said.  “Would it be okay if I came over sometime with my macro lens and tripod?”

I tell him he is easily distinguished from a Jehovah’s Witness, and he laughs. I tell him about a nearby arboretum that would also make a great place for photography and it’s possible he’ll choose that for his photography jaunt.

All good.


And knowing more people who might like seeds is always nice.


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Meadow magic

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O Mr. Accord-with-the-blue-metallic rims you

and I fly low

doing 80-something

on Route 90-something —

sometimes in tandem, sometimes on

either side of, say,

a punk bus — one of the big white ones that roar from city to city

ferrying students and restaurant workers at unsafe speeds

in questionable equipment.

O, your blue rims catch the sunlight as you

swoop from lane to lane, fancy-bright, strange to see

on a boring car in a shade my Grandfather would have called

Mafia Blue.

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Ember is Two…

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