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In the wake of a hurricane, you often get some pretty spiffy weather, and to go with, a serious case of afternoon wanderlust [there are forms of lust for other times of the day, of course ;-)].

So off we go into the countryside, for a lovely walk, some good photography, and very nice frozen custard.

Those of you who know me know that one of my fascinations is rocks.  [Thank you again to the nice people who have helped me move rocks during assorted changes in residences.  I know you may think that the number of rocks you helped move are only outnumbered by the cranioliths I’m probably carting around internally; I love you all anyway] The rocks at this location were property of the Department of Natural Resources, so I settled for pictures, instead [I see some of you breathing sighs of relief…]

Here’s an interesting specimen: I don’t know why the rock has these lattice patterns in it; I don’t think this is ‘spent’ ore after smelting, although in this area you do sometimes find slag used as gravel or stuffed into gaps in walls using larger stones.  From a distance, it looks rather like the red rocks you’d find out west, but I don’t recall that kind of sandstone having these intricate webs or tunnels in them.  It doesn’t seem like the kind of structure that sandstone can ‘do’….

Perhaps some time I’ll have a post that takes you on a ‘rock tour’ of the various garden specimens, and where they’ve come from….



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