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Storms and sneezing

The backwash of the revived Hurricane Kyle has been drenching our area off and on for the last few days.  Every so often, the ivory-colored sunlight graces the stonework of the nearby church, and then another crop of clouds swoops along, maybe dimming the light, or maybe just giving a more dramatic backdrop to the architecture. The attendant humidity has emboldened the mosquitos, swelled the half-ripened figs into some pretty rude shapes [y’know, the starlings and fruit flies can just have those]….but on the bright side, it’s giving me a chance to evict some of the gunk from my lungs without resorting to a vaporizer. [and by the way, I may never forgive Cranky for adding “lung butter” to my vocabulary….]

The cold/sinus infection has until Tuesday to resolve itself, at which point I will call my internist and admit that we’ve reached the annual stage where the predicted side effects of Augmentin pale in comparison to the misery that is letting this thing get a second wind by being in a plane for four hours. Trust me, in this biological system, that’s just a recipe for an infection that lasts six weeks, rather than two, and I just don’t have the energy for it.

Here, look at some more of the asters!  Next year there should be more there, as well as some more chrysanthemums.  The bare space in front will, if I get my act together, include some spring bulbs, and maybe some annuals.  The last two years really have been dedicated to getting the perennials started, since they need time to get settled, and it gave me a chance to see what would be happy here.

Next year, I think it may be annuals coming in, to edge the perennial beds, including some plants meant specifically as host plants for butterflies [fennel, parsley, milkweed].

I’m hoping in the next few weeks to get the planting of a tree or two arranged.  I know I want that yellowwood, and I know where that goes — off in the northwest corner, not too close to the property line.  The shade it will create should be good for moving in the baby rhodies when they’re big enough.

We really need one or two other trees, but the placement on those is tricky.  I would like to have something that could shade the south side of the house a little, but not so much that it would interrupt the production of the fig trees.  And a tree that worked as a windbreak would be nice in the front, but I’m not sure if a tree right in front of the house would thrive.

I’ll leave you with a bit of gardening lore, culled from GardenWeb’s MidAtlantic Forum:

* Posted by: EGO45 6bCT on Mon, Dec 13, 04 at 0:52

Stupid things that I learned while gardening this year:

Unfortunately, cordless phones are not hardy in zone 6. One that I ‘planted’ last Fall never sprouted this Spring.

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