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We shall go to seed
We shall go to seed
We shall go to seed some day

If we stay small
She’ll never see
And we will go to seed some day….

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For behold:

20140419-181336.jpg. And also —


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That actually has little to do with the content of the post, although it would be kind of funny to see how either the tone of the music or the accompanying animation might be different with the substituted creature.

I just needed a starting point, and there’s a lot of substitution going on in the next room: I’m not the one cooking, the recipe is being adjusted on the fly, the cooking implements are not exactly the ones recommended, and it’s not our kitchen anyway.

My choice is to be as far away from all this as possible while still having wifi access.

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Insufficient saintliness

That’s the ‘glass is half-full’ version of the mood. The other title could be “The down side of reasonableness” — when you are a reasonable enough person, you know that you can’t have all the niceties you might like; you can’t outright change the basic ways other people interact with the world. But the side effect is that you don’t get the satisfaction of getting really angry about these facts.

And if I was more saintly, I wouldn’t feel deprived and thwarted about that.

Feeling this way on a night that people around the world are reflecting on mixed motives and the consequences of our actions….well, that’s complicated too.

I’ll just put away the uneaten food and continue hanging up laundry.

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I assemble a sandwich for Word while noshing leftovers for my own dinner.


While my meals and the weather have both been a bit haphazard lately, life is being pretty good. The magnolias have started their show, the daffodils and cherry trees have been blooming, and I think the redbuds will be going fuschia any minute now. Dark purple spires that will fledge out as lilacs are beginning to pop up at the tips of branches; lilies of the valley are erupting from the driveway.

Oh, and the IRS knows we’re married now. No, that is not why there was a rusty-orange full Moon yesterday…


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