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It looked rather like this, just with different foreground scenery. This foreground scenery is nicer. You don’t really need to look at a stripmall with a grocery store in it.
The garden has produced tomatoes, agastache blossoms, and the first round of figs [promptly descended upon by the local bird population]. We’ll see what the second round of figlets grows up to be, and whether the acorn squash plant erupting from the compost heap will actually accomplish anything edible.

And, at some point, I’ll have something worth really discussing, as opposed to somewhat random things to gawk at.

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The Sashimi Tabernacle Choir and the Lobstercar were absent this year, and the image below is of a car that, in person, is in a colorway best described as “Ode to soot and pewter”.

But you know….It’s Artscape, hon.. and that means never leaving something plain that could be made more complicated:


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Everyone likes it!
And apparently, there’s plenty for all the winged visitors:


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I think the piece is called “Craftsman’s Bungalow”; and while I don’t live in one, I think the inlay work is lovely….

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Two new faces

I’m not sure what else will come up from the wildflower seed mix, but this zinnia and coreopsis are cheerful.

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I know Buddelia is the fast food if the butterfly world, but I do also provide many more appropriate dining options….

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So you kill the zoiza grass, then you aerate the soil with a pitchfork, and you wait for the rain to stop. Then you turn the soil, and go on a trip. Return and remove all the weed seedlings. Add a bag of Leafgrow and rake it in. Wait a week because it is beastly hot.

It rains some more.

Collect herbs and putative annuals from 50% off racks of nearby nurseries; in a land where one can have 3′ tall, 4year-old Dusty Miller, “annual” is a ridiculous classification.

Plant/transplant everything. Edge with recycled bricks, cement and stone.


Go inside and drink water, then fill a glass with ice cubes, half a shot of Art in the Age ‘Snap’, and fill with tart cherry juice. Retire to the air-conditioned living room…

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