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It is sour cherry season. When I can find them, I bring them home, and Word makes wonderful pies.

Wonderful, but brief…

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It’s been a while since anything labled a “Television Event” actually struck me as something I needed or wanted to pay attention to.  I know that these are occassions during which something or other will be ratcheted up, and generally I don’t care for ratcheting.

Besides, I have saffron rolls that Word made for me!  Little Lucia-day saffron rolls with bits of dried cherry in them.  Little bits of midsomer sun for midwinter munching…

And outside, there are still plenty of aster seeds and other goodies for the hop-pop birdies:


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They were not large carrots. And I have already eaten two of them, chewing thoroughly; they taste like home.

That is not a figurative statement. The dirt, the sun, the water… The town I grew up in fed these carrots; the dirt I excavated in inexplicable childhood projects and the water I drank for most of my first 20 years went into these carrots.

Of course I’ve eaten fruit from that garden before: grapes, currants, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, peas… I don’t know why I hadn’t sensed Home in those so strongly — maybe I didn’t have the vocabulary, maybe I usually ate them at that location, not hundreds of miles away. Maybe root vegetables concentrate earthiness and location more than other produce. I could understand that.

Or maybe the little carrots I typically eat these days are such overbred little hydroponic sugar crunchies that homegrown carrots, however small, shout their truth very loudly.

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Photo by Greg Bezanis, of the South Philly Review, 2008

Photo by Greg Bezanis, of the South Philly Review, 2008

A few years ago, the Coroner mentioned he’d be in Philadelphia, and could I recommend a wonderful restaurant.  As it happened, I’d had the chance to visit Brasserie Perrier several times, and found it delightful, so Word, the Coroner and I had a wonderful evening of dining and witticisms. [The lighting was much more subdued, and we were back behind that pillar — and yes, the pillar is decorated with a snippet of the painting “Nude Descending a Staircase”]

Alas, we won’t be able to do that again:  the Brasserie Perrier closed for good last night, a victim of retail creep(s).  Apparently, rental space on Walnut Street is currently going for $120 or more per square foot, and the Brasserie was paying only $19.


[pause]  Have I typed an entry like this before? I had a sudden sense of deja vu, there.  Hmmm.

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