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We were walking in the woods yesterday, along an old rail-line that echos the banks of a local reservoir and park.  There were some art installations on display, but the real show was the back-lit splendor of the beechwoods.


As we walked along, bittersweet breezes sent leaves skirlling downward.  I caught an oak leaf and stuck it in my hat.  I caught an ash seed and made my own little tableau…


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Single falling flame sky-polished

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We joke, sometimes, about cats lying on their backs “with all the pointy bits [pointing] up.  These cacti hardly have any section that is not being pointy in multiple directions!

And for good measure, here’s a spikey thing by Chihully:





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The Ailanthus moth feeds on nectar, but the young feed on Ailanthus leaves. As we are NOT fond of ‘Stink Trees’, we find this visitor downright patriotic. 


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RedQuinceBlossomsI was just down in the kitchen, cleaning up the ceramic baking pan in which Word was roasting quince tonight.  I’ll let her give whatever recipe there was — I think it was just “Buy big yellow quince at the store.  Wash and chop into small cubes, removing the center core and seeds. Put in baking pan with a little water.  Bake.” — but ask her to be sure.

The blossoms that led to those big yellow quince probably are not as brilliantly colored as these, although we have gotten the occassional quince from the shrubs bred up for ornamental purposes.  You need to add a lot of sugar to those before you get a taste other than tannin in your mouth, although they smell heavenly…..

Anyway, we’d had nibbles of the roasted quince, and I offered to put the remainder away for tomorrow, but wanted to use a different container, so I wouldn’t have to wait until the ceramic cooled off enough to put safely into the fridge [It’s the glass shelves I worry about, not the ceramic!]… As I lifted the parchment lining out, I found a shallow pool of caramelized quince syrup, which I quickly mopped up with a few quince slices and devoured. Om nom nom nom….

“Well,” said Word, “To the cleanup person go the spoils…”

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I don’t know if this is a slime mold or not.  I will post another picture so that people can help me puzzle this out.20130315-224732.jpg

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With a wink towards Alice Walker….

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Longwood Gardens is a place for show stopper botanical pyrotechnics. The indoor chrysanthemums were amazing… But I think the most fun this time was rambling around in the meadows, gawking at the trees, water, and sky.


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Back north, the witch hazels are blooming, and the first aconites are popping up around the woodlands.  [sigh] I typed that sentence around New Years’, and didn’t post because there hadn’t been any aconite sightings around here.  But yesterday that changed — Hurrah!

  They’re just so cheerful,with their bright petals and green Kermit frills.  We used to have drifts of them skittering around the rocky hillside and across the front yard — just a brief flash of gold, when everything was white or crumbly brown.  They’d fade out just as the pink violets began to bloom.

Now there are just these few, hiding beneath the skeleton of last year’s Baptisia, and maybe a few lurking beneath the shrubs out front.  Ah well.  It’s something.  Even tiny bits of splendor are worth waiting for.



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