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We joke, sometimes, about cats lying on their backs “with all the pointy bits [pointing] up.  These cacti hardly have any section that is not being pointy in multiple directions!

And for good measure, here’s a spikey thing by Chihully:





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Moss-snow-twigsSturdy little things.  Keep them hydrated and they will outlast us…

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The moss has been flourishing all winter. This snow was really more like a brief bit of playing dress-up with a season that wasn’t supposed to be around.


It was gone by the afternoon, and warm enough for me to start pruning shrubs and noticing all the mantis egg cases that had been stowed in the Nine-bark bush.  Ah well.  Maybe we’ll get more before the winter is completely gone….

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Fog doesn’t last long after sunrise here, so I don’t get to see it very often.  When I do, change in the landscape is amazing; I could be in a world of hedgerows and carriage trails, only brought back into the 21st century when the modern traffic lights and businesses re-emerge from the mist.

This time around, I grabbed a camera and prowled the neighborhood — here are some snowdrops wearing the very latest in fresh water jewelry.

By the time I was back at our house, the easternmost section of sky was already blue…..but the coolest way to show it is through the lens of water caught in one of the dormant maple branches:

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beecrocusI know there are several hours to go until Spring is officially here, but the crocuses were blooming in the sun yesterday, and sure enough, there were bees.  Let’s give the lady here a big welcome, and hope her hive thrives this year!

Buzz buzz buzz, yes she does…

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