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ChickenVeggiesRoastedQuinceI’d found the last batch of roasted quince to be a bit on the dry side, and was wondering what could be done to use it in a safer way [for me and my tempermental esophagus].  Using it as a bed for roasting chicken seemed a good idea.  We had some new purple sweet potatoes to try, and so after tossing the diced veggies and quince in a little flavored olive oil, I came up with a mix of spices I thought would harmonize nicely:  paprika, lavender, thyme, fennel seed…some garlic-scape salt….

The oven had been preheated to 375, the chicken was defrosted in the microwave, all the ingredients layered in a square Pyrex baking pan…splashed with some ice wine/brandy mix, and popped in the oven for an hour.

Word declared it FOOD, and insisted I write up the ‘recipe’.  So.  There.  It’s bedtime now.

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