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In the early years of Sesame Street, one of the Muppet interludes was Guy Smiley trying to sing “Gone with the Wind” as the scenery around him blew sideways and, I think, his clothing got ripped off by the storm.  Instead, we have this going on for Valentine’s Night:

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 11.58.35 PMSee the current Wind Map, here

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Yes. Incoming.  We have the “French toast necessities” and a roaring fire in the stove. So far, the flakes are purely decorative, which, depending on your point of view, may be perfect.

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75 degrees, sunny, 30% humidity.  Perfect.

What am I doing inside again?

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“God created Arrakis to train the faithful.” — Frank Herbert, Dune

Setting aside whatever became of that sprawling epic, the weather here has had me thinking about what people are willing to take, or what people just end up enduring, like frogs in simmering bathtubs.

If you had asked me, when I was growing up, whether I wanted to live in a place where it was 99°F in the summer on a regular basis, I would first have thought that you were asking if I wanted to live somewhere along the equator, and then thought you were crazy.  Civilization, in my view, should exist at around 75-79°F, a really hot day should be in the 80s, and a few times during the winter [which should basically be 30°F from late November to early March, with a few days of 50°F in February just to throw everybody off] we should dip down into single digits.

But here I am, in a town going through another heat advisory, rogue tropical invaders waiting outside the back door waiting to steal my blood…. It’s not the tropics; it’s not equatorial anything — it’s not even picking ripe avocados in my grandmother’s garden!  It’s just another fetid summer day in Elsinore.

Yes, I know.  Elsinore is named after Denmark’s Helsingør, famous for the quality of its court intrigues.

It would be cooler there.  The winters would be long, and I don’t speak Danish.  But on days like today, learning a new language seems less of a burden than stepping outside.

Let’s look at some ice:

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I guess I was spoiled, living for years in a wooded area in the lee of a hill.  Wind gusts of 40+ mph are fairly frequent around here.

Outside the house, that means large branches from trees I don’t own become frequent projectiles.  Inside the house, it means we learn new sources of draftiness on a regular basis.

Mixed-up musical cue:  Bono and U2, singing “In-sul-a-tion!”

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