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The following may be harbingers of doom:

When you post instructions for the exam a week in advance, and the darlings show up in your office 15 minutes beforehand to ask if you could print out a copy of the reading for them.

When you give an extension because someone “didn’t have the document with them” at the time of the final presentations, you arrive at the agreed-upon time, wait, get nothing, and then 36 hours later the student appears asking “So what can I do now?”

When a student presentation clearly demonstrates that the person does not understand the implications of a basic statement about their chosen topic….and that topic was selected — by that student — 14 weeks ago.

When students forget that two-way video lets everybody see what everyone else is doing [or not] in front of their laptops.

When you ask a particularly-glassy-eyed student what they are thinking in the middle of the last study session of the semester, hoping that perhaps they’ve generated a thought by this point, and they answer the question “What are you thinking right now?” with “Oh, nothing. I’m just listening to everybody else talking…”

When you see this posted in the Physics Lab:

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