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SpringTreeBlossomsI would tell you that “two way streets are two way streets”, in a way more meaningful than “Brexit means Brexit” or “OATH-with-a-blue-colon says away more about that merger than anyone should admit in polite company.”

I would tell you that the sunrise has shifted northwards, such that the glare can still wake me, but I don’t get any of the lovely gold-red glow to go with my insomnia and the boisterous dawn chorus of [possibly tasty] wrens, titmice, and robins.

I would tell you that taxes are preferable to death, at least so long as the arts and sciences still get funding.Purple croci pair.jpg

I would tell you tulips, and daffodils, and finally, blessedly, honeybees and carpenter bees; crinkled green leaves on the raspberry canes and tongue-colored fists of peony leaves punching up at the sky.

I would tell you that I wish people would say plainly what they want other people to know, but I have this fondness for truth, so we might need to edit that wish a bit, depending on who is doing the speaking at any given time.



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When you last saw the front yard, it was October, one of the people who taught me how to garden had just died, and so many paths were diverging into the woods there didn’t seem to be much point in picking any one of them.

And now we have these beauties.  The blue agatache planted at the end of the bulb row is leafing out at the base, the little rock iris put on an adorable show [thanks to repeated sprayings with bitter, spicy stuff so that the squirrels and rabbits didn’t think they were snacks], and the order from Bluestone arrived last week.

Leaves, pollen, figlets, piles of papers to grade:  it’s Spring!

It’s Spring, and time for all kinds of things to see what they can do with what’s been stored up over the long winter.

It’s Spring, and time for whatever comes Next.

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