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Ah, the beauty of the Denver Botanic Gardens….

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PrimeHookNWR-waterclouds 001Cool breezes off the water, egrets foraging and roosting, and most of the humans are still crowding the other sections of the sandbar.  A short hike at the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge was just what we needed yesterday! [Well, that and getting fresh peaches, and looking at Victorian architecture, and that salsa-free guacamole at Agave Tequila Bar and Restaurant, and…]

PrimeHookNWR-DikeTrailOutbound 002

At the end of the Dike Trail, a few people seemed to be fishing, or at least scooping things out with nets, and nearby one of the boats shifting sand for the Marsh Restoration project was operating.

Anyone want to confirm the bird here as either a Least Bittern or a Kingfisher?  The former is predictable for the area, but the latter is what it looked like to us.

PrimeHookNWR-BitternOrKingfisher 003Egrets, we had a few….

PrimeHookNWR-MarshEgrets 004There were at least four species of butterflies [monarch, pipevine and black swallowtails, buckeyes], and plenty of dragonflies [including a lovely big bronze one with saddlebags], but I only got this shot of a big green dragonfly for my efforts…

PrimeHookNWR-GreenDragonfly 005

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As I drove, I could see the anvil clouds and lightning flashes off to the south of my route.  For most of my trip, I kept hoping that the rains would stay down that way, since my path was pretty much due west, and maybe I’d get out of this ridiculous flytrap truck before I had to rely on the windshield wipers again. [It is not so much that the wiperblades were bad, as it was that I’d got sufficient bugs splattered on the windshield as to make lots of translucent smears when the wipers were in operation…]

StormlightSunsetESDusk and farmland.  Stripey clouds in changing colors.

Ominous signs that this or that 260 acres were available for “development”. The thunk and rattle of the now-empty truck box. Are they called truck boxes?  It’s the box part of the truck… Cargo area?

Drive, drive, chase the fading light all the way home….

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Out of sequence

The image is manipulated, but not actually impossible. It just hadn’t happened at the time I was looking.

How this differs from other irreproducible results is left as an exercise for the readers….

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I remember how interesting it was [well, for me] to get to write a “4” in a year’s date for the first time. And now it swings around again.

….haven’t used a PalmPilot in ages, but I still draw my “4”s as if starting the “4” cipher for that machine. I don’t know if this makes them any more legible to humans, though.

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Sometime soon, a metal bird will leap into the European sky, vaulting northward over the ocean.  I only know some fragment of how that works, should work, will work, as it does many thousands of times every day.

Tomorrow I’ll drive off in a small terrestrial marvel, leaving the cats to wonder when the Moms will be back.  But we’ll be back.  And I don’t know when they’ll let us out of the house again….


Between now and then, I have any number of things to put back in order…

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