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There are other things that have happened, dreadful things, and I don’t have anything terribly insightful to add at the moment.  Plenty of other people are trying to sort things out and patch whatever is left back together again.

But framing is important: how does something get presented? what goes before or after it? whichconnections are activated and enhanced, and which other ones are set aside? Do you want to emphasize the looking at or do you want to emphasize looking through?

Is the family drama the “point”? Is changing laws? Is admitting that humans in x concentration tend towards dysfunction going to get us anywhere useful? Training people from an early age that if you are feeling like killing someone, don’t leave yourself for last?

Just so many places not to go right now. Waaaaaay beyond me.

So some thoughts soar into the heavens, praying for balm to get from Gilead to where it is most needed, and other thoughts skitter to smaller topics that might yet be commanded, controlled, made at least somewhat satisfactory.

Do these eyeglasses hide my eyebrows?  Will there be enough glass for my prescription to fit properly? If I choose semi-rimless frames, will the lens quality be sufficiently changed that I’ll notice a difference in optical quality? Does this place take my insurance? Will I look too much like other members of my family wearing these?

Trivia. First world problems.

And I am surrounded by sleeping cats.

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