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I know some people have these bronzed, which, even at the time when I’d been in the stores that offered the service, seemed strange…


Maybe it was the little white “first shoes” that got bronzed more often.  Still an odd keepsake.  Maybe it made more sense in days when polio or other childhood illnesses meant that some children didn’t make it to any larger shoes, or walking was a bittersweet milestone to look back on after that became impossible.

Or maybe it was “the thing you did” because the nice people at the store offered a service, and everyone else in the neighborhood had these things on their shelves, so….?

I remember buckling these on and off, running to the edge of the beach in them [and needing to shake out sand], going to school…little white cotton socks…discussions of why toes should be “piggies” and why on earth they would want roast beef…

But for the last few years, now that these shoes live with me, rather than my parents, I have been trying to figure out WHAT THE HELL to do with them.

The current [literally] solution is to use them to hold charging cables up off the floor and out of the immediate visual field of the current baby in the household, that kitten I keep photographing.

What things have you got that have found odd new purposes?

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