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As I drove, I could see the anvil clouds and lightning flashes off to the south of my route.  For most of my trip, I kept hoping that the rains would stay down that way, since my path was pretty much due west, and maybe I’d get out of this ridiculous flytrap truck before I had to rely on the windshield wipers again. [It is not so much that the wiperblades were bad, as it was that I’d got sufficient bugs splattered on the windshield as to make lots of translucent smears when the wipers were in operation…]

StormlightSunsetESDusk and farmland.  Stripey clouds in changing colors.

Ominous signs that this or that 260 acres were available for “development”. The thunk and rattle of the now-empty truck box. Are they called truck boxes?  It’s the box part of the truck… Cargo area?

Drive, drive, chase the fading light all the way home….


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Storms will be sweeping through again [eventually], and I’m hoping I won’t be spending the evening mixing hydraulic cement.  I’d thought I’d had a bad time of it during the last round of storms, until I heard that one neighbor had 8 inches of water in his basement, and another neighbor had been too scared to look at the state of her basement until several days after the event. [I never did find out what she found when she got around to checking…]


The other [“other other”?] side of this is how exhilarating the winds can be beforehand.  Pollen gets swept out to sea, hair gets ruffled up [and in my case, starts curling], ferns unfurl a little faster….  I remember taking walks across various campuses in this weather, talking eagerly with classmates or colleagues through the crazy swirl that comes at the end of each academic year.

Now, as I hear sirens outside careening towards I-don’t-know-what, I think of one particular season of study-sessions when our work was interrupted by increasingly dire announcements from the radio: Two alarms. Three alarms. Four alarms.  Five….



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The forecasters say “the worst” of the first storm should be passing over us in the next 6 hours.  But Hurricane Sandy does seem to be rotating, which suggests that the worst of the first storm may not be the last of the storminess ahead for this week….

As the day darkens, the brightest thing visible from my window is the yellow of a neighbor’s recycling bin, then the flicker of a streetlight coming on, then the remaining yellow leaves on one of the weedy young maple trees….the green of the ivy is fading into darkness, only a few shades lighter than the wet black trees.

The sky?  Well it’s grey, but not bright, and the bursts of sideways rain roaring by match it for color, so it seems as if the sky is ripping apart in the wind, buffeting around, and then soaking into the ground.

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