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So here is what it looked like: old and new together.


Gilt-edged plates bought by my great grandmother on installments during the Depression [I think], the Dansk cutlery from when I finished graduate school, a Formica table from my parents [it once was our kitchen table, and I did my grade school homework on it] but perhaps originally from my mom’s family when they lived in Indiana in the 50s], wine from Rioja [not everyone likes, but I grew up drinking Siglo], a bouquet of mums from WholeFoods [Word took pity on me when I pointed out if we were going to have a ‘normal’ Thanksgiving dinner, we needed to start cooking before evening]…

Chicken roasted on top of stuffing [cranberry walnut bread, garden herbs, butter], sweet potatos with a little balsamic and maple syrup on top, roasted Brussel sprouts with chestnuts, home-made cranberry sauce.

Elsewhere, my parents, brother, and cousin were feasting; further north, another branch of the family had their dinners. And on Saturday, Word and I traveled to her family gathering, where a great deal of food was quickly demolished, and followed up by home movies from 40+ years ago [let us say that there was a lot of adorable on those little Super 8s!].

It was a lovely weekend. And yes, yes, we did order the washing machine, so we even contributed to The Economy…

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