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The seasons change fitfully, the employment sagas churn [although, fortunately, the gods and sea monsters have not yet made appearances], and for each unplanned technology purchase there are several ancillary items which abruptly become needful.

I have told many a student not to change operating systems or software editions before a major project begins [much less, in media res], and not to let their skills get out of sync with workplace technology. Oh, and how the boots chafe when they are suddenly on your own feet!

From Snow Leopard to Mavericks in an afternoon was a bit of a shock, but doing the new Keynote on a new hand-held device was even more exciting.  Does it do new, useful, things?  Yes, but try and find a dongle at a conference when the default is still VGA or a USB remote?

Breathe, breathe, breathe.  These will be here, even if at the moment they’re under the snow (again).


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Fog doesn’t last long after sunrise here, so I don’t get to see it very often.  When I do, change in the landscape is amazing; I could be in a world of hedgerows and carriage trails, only brought back into the 21st century when the modern traffic lights and businesses re-emerge from the mist.

This time around, I grabbed a camera and prowled the neighborhood — here are some snowdrops wearing the very latest in fresh water jewelry.

By the time I was back at our house, the easternmost section of sky was already blue…..but the coolest way to show it is through the lens of water caught in one of the dormant maple branches:

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