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Things settle down

Or maybe they just rumble on in a different key.


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The WordPress snowglobe effect has NOTHING on what’s currently going on outside my window.

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I do not know what it is about moving house that evokes major weather events.  I’ve moved apartments in 100 year storms [one of my movers couldn’t make it back home, and had to collapse back at my new place].  

We’ve slowly treked [15mph on a major national highway!] through blinding snow and ice, reluctantly pulling over every few dozen miles to scrape ice from the windshields [then grimly waiting for a space to open up in the epic caterpillar of desperate cars on the main roadway so we could resume our journey].  

Honestly — wasn’t the screaming cats in the cars enough?  Weren’t the sorting and boxing and ‘oh just take it already’ and ‘d’ya think I can get this out of the ground in one viable piece?’-ing enough icing on the upheaval?

Ah, but there’s nothing like being in a situation where _you_ are just on the edge of being able to cope multiplied by being surrounded by an entire region that is well outside its functional zone as well.  The gods chortle: “Oh, hey — HERE’S an Idea:  how about thowing 11+ inches of snow and ice on top of people who think the proper temperature for this time of year is 56 with a vaguely nippy breeze coming in from the ocean?”

Oh, sure…. I’ll just hop in my car and get right in the middle of that.  Whee….!

Have filial piety, will travel.

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20150202-222658.jpgAt the stroke of ten, on Groundhog’s Day

In swirled the flock of robins


Startled starlings, scattered squirr’ls,


Stalked around the raspberry canes,


Perched and preened while

Peering about — was it time?

Was it, was it,

Is it time?


Must have flown all Imbolc night

Though sleet and ice

And here they are, and there, and over there, so probably


This is as good a time as any.


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gloSnowPinesMiniPerhaps today is best considered as light comedy, at least for me — I realize that the snow is Quite a Serious Matter elsewhere — I’d got the steps swept again, got the defrost going on Monster, and was cleverly sweeping off the top of Monster using a long-handled brush, after carefully putting my satchel with ID and wallet back in the house so I wouldn’t dump snow into it while working.

Less cleverly, I forgot to retrieve that satchel of essentials before hieing off into the snowstorm, and therefore had to track back 30+ miles after discovering the error.

it’s rather like the forest creature that digs itself a burrow beneath a tree, carefully lines it with leaves and fur, and then, just as it’s turning around to enter that nice dry shelter, gets flumphed upon by a cascade of snow from the upper branches.  !!

Ah well.

It is pretty.

Now my thoughts turn to how much bustling around the house I need to do to merit a big mug of hot cocoa with some bracing bit of booze in it….

In the meantime, I see there are more of you out there reading this — Don’t be shy then; say hello!

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The seasons change fitfully, the employment sagas churn [although, fortunately, the gods and sea monsters have not yet made appearances], and for each unplanned technology purchase there are several ancillary items which abruptly become needful.

I have told many a student not to change operating systems or software editions before a major project begins [much less, in media res], and not to let their skills get out of sync with workplace technology. Oh, and how the boots chafe when they are suddenly on your own feet!

From Snow Leopard to Mavericks in an afternoon was a bit of a shock, but doing the new Keynote on a new hand-held device was even more exciting.  Does it do new, useful, things?  Yes, but try and find a dongle at a conference when the default is still VGA or a USB remote?

Breathe, breathe, breathe.  These will be here, even if at the moment they’re under the snow (again).


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Yes. Incoming.  We have the “French toast necessities” and a roaring fire in the stove. So far, the flakes are purely decorative, which, depending on your point of view, may be perfect.

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This Valentine’s eve, there was snow.  Not terribly much, but Word cleared the walk and scattered salt before we turned in last night, and today I drew a heart in a patch of snow and sent her a picture of it.


Honestly, that would have been done even if this wasn’t Valentine’s Day, and probably that is the point.  I walk through the grocery store, and my purchasing criteria are a mix of what we need, what is economical, and at least one thing that will delight.  The mercy, the wonder, the really splendid part of all this is that these are not mutually exclusive demands. Usually it’s some ingredient that’s needed to make something later.  (Yes, we adore good chocolate, but honestly, I’m delighted by home-made corn muffins, and she likes baking them).  She is delighted by the flowers I plant, the food I can harvest from our little meadow, and little sparkly objects that are fun for me to make.

This isn’t to say we don’t like fancy things (the American Craft Council spring shows are coming up, after all), or that we couldn’t benefit from nomming a few fewer calories.  But putting on a big show on one day can suggest that the other days are less important, or that the self you present on a regular basis isn’t the one you most want your Beloved to see.

I like this version better: Each day _is_ when you send love; each day is when you laugh together, kiss, snuggle; each day could have an amazing dawn, or a spectacular sunset, or rain, or sleet, or hail…..but it always has that constant awareness: I am known and I am loved and that makes us the lucky, or the blessed, however you choose to see it.

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The moss has been flourishing all winter. This snow was really more like a brief bit of playing dress-up with a season that wasn’t supposed to be around.


It was gone by the afternoon, and warm enough for me to start pruning shrubs and noticing all the mantis egg cases that had been stowed in the Nine-bark bush.  Ah well.  Maybe we’ll get more before the winter is completely gone….

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