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LakeSnailOne course is almost finalized, the second – I hope – will take less time!  Then we have buying a new cat litter box, more litter, some new experiments in wet food for Herr Malkin, and …

Maybe lunch and coffee first.

Data analysis, talking with the graduate office, checking in with the biotech people, wondering when that hydrant out front is going to get capped…. Getting the car back and forth to dealership care, checking out another car while the other one is ‘distracted’, catching up with ‘things’….

Here’s an interesting essay on scheduling, which distinguishes between the optimal working schedule of a manager vs the optimal working schedule of someone trying to make somethingStationSkylight.

I suspect a few paragraphs could be added about the times of day that managers vs makers like to work; in our house, I think we’d really prefer to be starting a fascinating conversation or attempting a new art project at about 11pm, and going great guns until about 1:30am — but current circumstances do not allow that behavior [or at the very least, punish it severely…]

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