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“These are the radio stations of the New York Times: WQXR-AM 1560 and WQXR-FM 96.3 on your radio dial. At the tone, 2:30pm.”


When my brother was in high school, he was tormented for weeks over the fact that when a disk jockey called our house one morning, offering a chance to be rewarded with cash for listening for the ‘correct’ radio station, my father replied honestly that he listened to QXR.

Years ago the AM station got eaten by a deal with Disney, and now a deal with Univision and WNYC will take the FM station off the Grey Lady’s books.  I liked the quirky classical style of the NYC-FM station, with Steve Post playfully encouraging ears around the metropolitan area to try something new.  But I had hoped that QXR would endure as itself, not fade and crumble away as WFLN seemed to do in Philadelphia.

Sigh.  Here’s the link to the article: Two companies to buy WQXR Radio

Of course, now I’ve got snippets of old QRX advertisements running through my head [“At the tone, 2:45pm, Bulova Watch Time”], interspersed with the ghosts of other radio stations I miss. [“WNEW! New York Radio, Eleven-Three-Oh!  Where the music is king….”]

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