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For the last month I’ve been reminded by my father that Jupiter, the Moon, and Uranus were going to be in the sky ‘near’ [from our perspective] each other, and that this was the closest that Jupiter was going to be to the Moon until 2038.

There is something remarkably disquieting about getting that kind of news given to you with enthusiasm.  I might see this thing.  My father might likely not, or at least not from this side of veil.

There’s been Eid, and Yom Kippur, and an Equinox, and men joking with one another that if someone really wanted to see Uranus, they could just get a mirror and bend over [oh, my mother did NOT approve]…. Grading proceeds, tax bills come due, bringing other kinds of astronomic reckonings.

I can’t show you the Moon backlighting the stone cross across the alley.  I think I saw Jupiter; my eyes strained, but couldn’t catch the other promised object. The new data I have, I may not want.  But I can show you my shadow on the rocks as the tide comes in.

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