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Word told me of someone she’d met at camp who would listen over and over to the song “Desperado” by the Eagles, listen and sob about how “it’s all TRUE!!!!”

It’s not clear to me what that meant, exactly, although there’s an age for many people when they feel terribly isolated and misunderstood. Of course, there’s the opposite position as well: the feeling that people are trying way, WAY too hard to get under your skin, and you would be much happier if they would deal with their own issues, rather than trying to fix, heal, or merge with yours.

One of the more difficult social situations is to tell someone who clearly cares a great deal that the way they are wanting to care is not the way you really want to be cared for.  Some people view any thwarting of their desire to intervene as just one more sign that you are broken and “just don’t see…”[I’m sure this theme will circle back again later.]

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