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Probably not as rough as some have had, and not as rough as some we’ll see soon.  But there are things that you do when you see they need doing, like standing in the late night rain with a sturdy oak staff — made from one of the remnants of limbing up the tree in the front yard — sloshing clumps of leaves out of the broad gutter in the alley.  Push, slosh the leaves out of the now moving water, twist, pull back and repeat. The air is black, silver drips from the edges of my hat, and the leaves are odd drowned colors — not at all the brilliant yellows and reds that they had a few weeks ago.


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I’m grateful for the rain, as are the new roses and all the other plants that have come to live with us.  The farmers are probably pleased, to.  But enough with the grey already!

On the other hand, these grey-scale yarns shown at Maryland Sheep and Wool were right lovely.  I’d gotten to visit Tess’s in Bath, Maine, last summer.  Even as the Non-Knitting Spouse, I like the look and feel of yarn….

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