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ChickenVeggiesRoastedQuinceI’d found the last batch of roasted quince to be a bit on the dry side, and was wondering what could be done to use it in a safer way [for me and my tempermental esophagus].  Using it as a bed for roasting chicken seemed a good idea.  We had some new purple sweet potatoes to try, and so after tossing the diced veggies and quince in a little flavored olive oil, I came up with a mix of spices I thought would harmonize nicely:  paprika, lavender, thyme, fennel seed…some garlic-scape salt….

The oven had been preheated to 375, the chicken was defrosted in the microwave, all the ingredients layered in a square Pyrex baking pan…splashed with some ice wine/brandy mix, and popped in the oven for an hour.

Word declared it FOOD, and insisted I write up the ‘recipe’.  So.  There.  It’s bedtime now.


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RedQuinceBlossomsI was just down in the kitchen, cleaning up the ceramic baking pan in which Word was roasting quince tonight.  I’ll let her give whatever recipe there was — I think it was just “Buy big yellow quince at the store.  Wash and chop into small cubes, removing the center core and seeds. Put in baking pan with a little water.  Bake.” — but ask her to be sure.

The blossoms that led to those big yellow quince probably are not as brilliantly colored as these, although we have gotten the occassional quince from the shrubs bred up for ornamental purposes.  You need to add a lot of sugar to those before you get a taste other than tannin in your mouth, although they smell heavenly…..

Anyway, we’d had nibbles of the roasted quince, and I offered to put the remainder away for tomorrow, but wanted to use a different container, so I wouldn’t have to wait until the ceramic cooled off enough to put safely into the fridge [It’s the glass shelves I worry about, not the ceramic!]… As I lifted the parchment lining out, I found a shallow pool of caramelized quince syrup, which I quickly mopped up with a few quince slices and devoured. Om nom nom nom….

“Well,” said Word, “To the cleanup person go the spoils…”

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My German may be questionable, but these roasted quince quarters are most definitely delicious!!!

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