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Hadn’t done this in a while, and it was good to go out to sororitize with old friends and new.PolymerWorkspaceTravelEdition









Much of the experimentation won’t pay off for weeks or months, but that’s okay.  It’s fun to see what other people come up with, and then consider the options at leisure.Testing-alcohol-inks-polymer

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Assorted visuals

A few things caught on camera [that are not yarn]:

A hawk, perched in one of the [@#$!] ailanthus trees, scanning our front yard for prey–

Friendly neighborhood redtail -- perhaps a relative of Gertrude?

Some polymer experimentation:  if you layer yellow with muddy scrap clay, then go at it with the hex cutters, what do you get when you mush the pieces back together and take slices off the top?

butterflymokumeAnd finally, what does Leia look like when she’s flopped over on her side so you can scritch her [terribly fluffy] tummy?

leiarebootWe still don’t know what rebooted this cat, but she is an absolute purr-muffin, and really, really loves her scritches.  I’m hoping that the workmen coming over to finish the drywall in the attic don’t shock her back into recluse-terror mode.

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