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Just because that’s the filter name; I was fully dressed and had just been outside for two hours, getting some weeding and bulb-planting done….
The day had been fairly grey, so I hadn’t expected much from the last rays of the sun.  As the sky got progressively darker, I opted to go inside and thaw out my fingers by the fireplace.  But shortly thereafter I noticed there was an interesting orange glow in the west, which reminded me strongly of the orange wash used in a painting from Word’s family.  So I got up and went to the kitchen for a better look.

Then I grabbed the camera and went outside again!

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BrightCobblesI haven’t walked here in several years — weather, distance, preferred places get in the way — but I thought it would be a fun image to adapt for a post that was more ‘in between’ than exactly here or there.

You go one way to the arch, another to the carillon, down into the woods, or across the meadows to the vista that used to be ordinary farmland….

The cobbles lead to some of those places, but looked at from this direction, they also all lead into one another, endless merging rows of granite and moss, churning into new patterns with each new angle of observation.

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