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Insufficient saintliness

That’s the ‘glass is half-full’ version of the mood. The other title could be “The down side of reasonableness” — when you are a reasonable enough person, you know that you can’t have all the niceties you might like; you can’t outright change the basic ways other people interact with the world. But the side effect is that you don’t get the satisfaction of getting really angry about these facts.

And if I was more saintly, I wouldn’t feel deprived and thwarted about that.

Feeling this way on a night that people around the world are reflecting on mixed motives and the consequences of our actions….well, that’s complicated too.

I’ll just put away the uneaten food and continue hanging up laundry.


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The seasons change fitfully, the employment sagas churn [although, fortunately, the gods and sea monsters have not yet made appearances], and for each unplanned technology purchase there are several ancillary items which abruptly become needful.

I have told many a student not to change operating systems or software editions before a major project begins [much less, in media res], and not to let their skills get out of sync with workplace technology. Oh, and how the boots chafe when they are suddenly on your own feet!

From Snow Leopard to Mavericks in an afternoon was a bit of a shock, but doing the new Keynote on a new hand-held device was even more exciting.  Does it do new, useful, things?  Yes, but try and find a dongle at a conference when the default is still VGA or a USB remote?

Breathe, breathe, breathe.  These will be here, even if at the moment they’re under the snow (again).


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One of the upsides of freelancing is getting to learn new topics and have economic justification for researching all kinds of things.  But if a client fails to tell you where you should be, who you will be meeting, their area of interest, and what the dress code is, it’s hard to be ready to do your best work.

[sigh] Yes, yes, it builds character.  Onward!

Time for another phone call, methinks.

And, because I shouldn’t leave y’all without some eye candy, let’s see what’s in the cue….. Ah, yes — here’s a lovely Stewartia pic:

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