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You are!  Yes you are!  Handsome fellow, caught rappelling from the living room ceiling, and carefully placed outside for his photo shoot:

He wasn’t exactly thrilled with the camera — the lens would have scanned to him as one HELL of a big spider eye.  His size and emerald chelicera suggest to me he’s a Phidippus audax — the Daring Jumping Spider from the family Salticidae.  I realize that not everyone thinks jumping spiders are adorable [there’s at least one video out there that shows a pair of courting P. regis spiders with ballet music as the background audio], but if you do, here’s a nice video of another audax.

My beloved Word is very tolerant of my fascination with jumping spiders; we’ve set up some house rules about where spiders are ‘allowed’ to be, and if they violate human airspace, it’s my job to put them outside.

Trivia — while doing the searches for these links, I may have solved a 19 year old mystery — when I was leaving Pittsburgh, a large jumping spider with abdomen markings that reminded me of a metallic-banded wasp, decided to travel along in the lee of my car’s sideview mirror.  I now think it might have been a female P. regis….  Anyone know if that’s likely?  The thing was huge…..

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