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Good morning!

I’m talking to my phone. There’s a certain amount of hilarity to that activity, because about 35 years ago, my grandfather had a reputation for using all clients [kinds] of strange gadgets and then expecting us to be impressed by this latest accomplishment. One afternoon, we got a telephone call during we couldn’t hear him very well, but he proudly announced that “I’m talking to the television!  I’m sitting in my chair, and I don’t have to get up to use the phone, because I can talk to you through the television!

And he was, really, talking to the television. There was some newfangled product that enables him to speak at his very large television stereo console and have the telephone system pick up the audio.  Actually, he was shouting at the television, but we played along, and eventually, this became a family meme, so that people would randomly announce “I’m talking to the coffee maker!”, “I’m talking to the fridge!”, “You won’t believe this but, I’m talking to the sink…”, “Live: from your lawnmower!”

It would be more accurate to say that right now I’m talking to my Dragon,  because that is the transcription system that I’m using. And it’s more fun to say that I am talking to a small Dragon, rather than to just an iPhone.


I haven’t used transcription in several years, partly because (and I know this is pathetic) I couldn’t get the battery case open on the expletive-deleted Parrot DX equipment. The phone arrangement works pretty nicely, and I don’t have to buy a $400 microphone system in addition to the already lovely price for the iPhone!

Now I get to practice my steady ‘news reader’ voice, and Word will again remind me that we should set up some excuse for my vocals to go onto other people’s voicemail machines.  I’m not as resonant as Carl Kasell or Ken Nordine, but I’ll accept the blandishments…


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