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Oh it’s just a kitty-petting festival going on here in Elsinore [and now I’m going to get some very disappointed random hits to this page, aren’t I?].  Leia now complains if you stop petting her.

This morning, she was sitting on the couch.  Malkin was atop the cat tree in the hallway, looking daggers at me.  I walked into the living room, and pet Leia for a few minutes.  Much purring.  I walked away eventually, and went to pet Malkin, so he wouldn’t feel too miffed about the attention his rival was getting [the entire Universe is, from his perspective, about HIM].

Leia hopped off the couch [normal], walked into the hallway and chimed. She walked toward me [odd]. I stepped to the side and she started climing the cat tree, still meowing. [Eh?]  She climbed into the top bin of the cat tree, rubbed herself against Malkin [His expression: WTF???], and then snuggled down and looked at me expectantly.  “Miaow!”

Apparently I wasn’t done petting her.

Malkin looked on in horror, although he let me pet him, too.

I’d love to know what finally rebooted the “I want human contact” circuits in this cat, but I’m willing to just marvel and be grateful….

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