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Gardening books and magazines would — and perhaps they still do — make suggestions about leaving the stalks of certain plants alone in the fall, so as to provide “winter interest” during the stark months after the last autumn flowers have gone to seed. IcedAsterStalksI like an interesting winter [we can debate elsewhere if there has been too much of anything this time around; I suspect my friends in Boston and Florida all have strong opinions], but I also think the birds like having appropriate forage, and if seedlings strike from any of my perennials, those are bound to be interesting as well.  There are some new gardens to cultivate in my family, and plant-critters strong enough to seed themselves are exactly the kind I want to share.


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It wasn’t until mid-January that the asters finally gave up on blooming — the suntrap out back keeps everything more temperate, and the weather hadn’t really gone into the 20F range before then.

This, to a Northerner, is utterly ridiculous, but here we are….

Then finally some snow and ice arrived, and the asters went from being “winter interest” to “winter spectacular”!

Special thanks to WordTapestry for the new tripod that made this shot possible…

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