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Although I haven’t died, and none of my exes live in Texas [in fact, I’m more likely to stumble upon them via Facebook].

It’s September, start of the academic [and Jewish] year, and I’m trying to be back here.  The cats are on a diet. The lawn has been impressively cowed by asters:

…and I might even get a manuscript started today.


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The year ended with a bit of a crunch, a midnight toast with friends and a grateful restaurant staff, and the splash of surf on a wrecked beach. 

Winter holds us in its grip —
I will take you
In a ship
To some place warm
Sweet newborn:
I am History’s Lady
My December baby.
No harm tonight
So charmed
No harm tonight
So charmed.”
— “Mary’s Carol”, composed by Carol Ann Duffy and Sasha Johnson Manning

The chorus for the lower voices on this one is especially nice, and it all ends on a lovely D# chord.  If I could get my throat in condition to sing it nicely, maybe I’d let myself sing in public again.

On to Epiphany!

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