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Local colors

LocalsceneYou know how it is when one thing just blurs into another….

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I was listening to an episode of RadioLab yesterday, the one about Color Perception. They enlisted the help of a choir to illustrate with harmony what different creatures could perceive with their eyes. Dogs with blues and greens, but no reds, humans with red, green and blue, enabling us to see more…..but not as much as butterflies, and not a fraction of what mantis shrimp can apparently see [I especially loved the joyous sound of the choir as they triumphantly sang “The Maaaahntis Shriiiiiiiiimp!”]

Granted, it’s unlikely any mantis shrimp is going to be stopping by here, but I’d like to imagine that this is what they might see, looking at the “grey” weathered tree trunk I saw while walking through the arboretum recently.  I haven’t added any color to the above image — just turned the saturation up to 80, and this is what appeared.

So often people complain that x or y has missed some “nuance” or shade of grey.  What else are we missing?  And is that missing stuff where all the fun is hiding?

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