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SixBricksThey’ve sat here all summer, waiting to line a path.  Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll be able to see where that path should be. And yes, there should probably be many more bricks than these, but you have to start somewhere, even if it starting takes a long time…

[soundtrack: “We Are Lights”, by Stephen Schwartz, arranged by Mac Huff, because I am trying to learn it]

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Or acro-bee:

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Lichen = moss + algae, right?  So I’ve probably got some candidates here:

The gravestone is pretty illegible at this point, but the post-fog morning light did display these ornaments very nicely.  A tip of the hat to blogger Krikitarts for reminding me of this photo.

I can’t help but wonder where the marble came from.  I don’t know of any quarries around here for this stone…. I think of marble being a mountain-rock and coming from New England, which is very much NOT where we are [as the current weather constantly reminds us].

The more common lichens around here [which are a pale blue-green color, with crisper frills] are found on fallen ash tree branches; I’m arranging such branches around the shade garden I put in last year.

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Fog doesn’t last long after sunrise here, so I don’t get to see it very often.  When I do, change in the landscape is amazing; I could be in a world of hedgerows and carriage trails, only brought back into the 21st century when the modern traffic lights and businesses re-emerge from the mist.

This time around, I grabbed a camera and prowled the neighborhood — here are some snowdrops wearing the very latest in fresh water jewelry.

By the time I was back at our house, the easternmost section of sky was already blue…..but the coolest way to show it is through the lens of water caught in one of the dormant maple branches:

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