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There are stress nightmares where you discover that your job has suddenly got an inexplicable dress-code, your paperwork is on the other side of a muddy ravine, and suddenly the moderate slope of Baker Hall has become a vertical Glass Mountain [and of course, you do NOT have a magic horse with gold, cleated shoes, and there is NO beautiful princess at the top].

This is not a nightmare.  This is a fish!
This is not a nightmare. This is a fish!

But there are other sorts of nightmares….

I got to class Wednesday night, handed out the syllabus, which I’d just finished printing after polishing up that afternoon…..

Begin lecture — course overview. Talk about the big picture. Then begin to discuss the details of week-to-week projects and….

….and realize that the last bit of course policy I pasted in from two terms ago seems to have completely wiped out the marvelous three column table containing all 16 weeks of class topics, readings, writing assignments and due dates.

Admit to the class I would like to start drinking now. [These are graduate students; I can say that sort of thing.]

Continue class for another hour.

Go home to the consolation of the figs.

Today’s musical cue:  “Down at the Twist and Shout”, Mary Chapin Carpenter.

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If you are going to bother posting the chapter titles of your books, could they maybe match the chapter titles visible in the Table of Contents facsimile posted at Amazon?  Thanks ever so much….

Speaking of the environment, the giant rudbeckia is in full bloom now, delighting local pollinators and tempting the goldfinches, who eagerly anticipate the arrival of seeds in the next few weeks.

Us, we’re anticipating the ripening of the figs.  Last year we feasted on figs for about two months and had more than enough for friends, church receptions, and random parties.

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