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(Dulce, with some apologies to John Rutter)

There has been cleaning and packing and painting
Dust and fur tumbleweeds vacuumed away
Momma has wrestled a piece of the forest
Into the parlor and now decorates.


Gloria! Gloria!
Who is this person?
Gloria! Gloria!
What’s with this tree?
Gloria! Gloria!
This is quite confusing
There’s all this fuss, but it’s not about me.xmastree2016-decorated

I like the smell of this piece of the forest
I like the taste of the fruitcake and cheese
I like the people who offer to scritch me
They all seem tame and seem eager to please.ember-expects-xmasdinner2016

Gloria! Gloria!
Why inflate this mattress?
Gloria! Gloria!
It’s in my way!
Gloria! Gloria!
Out of Momma’s office!
Go sing more songs about babies in hay.

After the fussing, the feasting, and singing
After the guests have fin’lly gone away
Momma and Other Mom sit sipping eggnog
Smiling at sparklies and watching me play.


Gloria! Gloria!
Eggnog and day old!
Maybe that isn’t quite
What all they say?
Gloria! Gloria!
Someone was born!
Gloria! Gloria!
I can sleep near Momma
The house is quiet
And Momma is warm.


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SixBricksThey’ve sat here all summer, waiting to line a path.  Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll be able to see where that path should be. And yes, there should probably be many more bricks than these, but you have to start somewhere, even if it starting takes a long time…

[soundtrack: “We Are Lights”, by Stephen Schwartz, arranged by Mac Huff, because I am trying to learn it]

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Actually, I had planned to mow.  All day as the mercury climbed, I thought: When it cools down a bit, I’ll get those two sections done.  Before it gets gelatinously humid tomorrow [because it is the weekend, and weekends do that in scenic Elsinore]….

And so I sort through papers, pay bills, prepare dinner, and wait for the sun to go back behind those trees for a bit.  And I get the lawnmower ready.

And as I’m plugging in the last bit of extension cord, and rolling towards that first patch of grass, I see them.

Blink                                                                        blink



BLINK                               blink


The fireflies were starting their show for the evening.  All through the lawn I could see little yellow abdomens swaying as the beetles climbed to the tips of grassblades, some flashing, some waiting until they were airborne to flare brightly every few seconds.

On the tips of the grass — oh, bad word.  I can’t mow through them!  It’s bad enough I’m going to have to trim back the fig trees this fall and risk losing part of next years crop. I can’t justify decimating this year’s lightning bug population and next year’s as well, just because my neighbors want the world to be manicured.  There should be beauty in the evening, too.

So I mowed a section where the lightning bugs were not hovering and blinking at one another, and then went inside to share dinner with Word.

Here are two Japanese songs about lightning bugs: One focusing on the humans who watch the fireflies, the other focuses on the lightning bugs themselves [I’ve sung this one: in the translated lyrics is the gem: “Firefly’s daddy — he has lots of dough/No wonder his rear end sparkles in the dark”]

[No, the image isn’t kryptonite; it’s a backlit emerald at the Smithsonian Institute]

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The year ended with a bit of a crunch, a midnight toast with friends and a grateful restaurant staff, and the splash of surf on a wrecked beach. 

Winter holds us in its grip —
I will take you
In a ship
To some place warm
Sweet newborn:
I am History’s Lady
My December baby.
No harm tonight
So charmed
No harm tonight
So charmed.”
— “Mary’s Carol”, composed by Carol Ann Duffy and Sasha Johnson Manning

The chorus for the lower voices on this one is especially nice, and it all ends on a lovely D# chord.  If I could get my throat in condition to sing it nicely, maybe I’d let myself sing in public again.

On to Epiphany!

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