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I’ve been interested in the immunosuppressant fingolimod for years [because it looks like one of the cases where “ancient Chinese medicine” might actually help solve some modern problems]. But it looks as if there’s a slight increased risk of death from herpes zoster [shingles/chickenpox] with longterm use.

Skeletal structure of Fingolimod courtesy of WikiMedia

Has shingles ever been seen as a risk factor for multiple sclerosis?  Could an overreaction to a herpes infection be a risk factor for MS, the way that there might be some connection between inflammation from oral infections and heart disease?

Edited to add: Well, yes, there seem to have been connections made for quite some time.

In 1969

In 1998

In 2009

And one dissenting voice in 2009 (there may well be others; I did not do an exhaustive search here!)

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