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Moss-snow-twigsSturdy little things.  Keep them hydrated and they will outlast us…

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BrightCobblesI haven’t walked here in several years — weather, distance, preferred places get in the way — but I thought it would be a fun image to adapt for a post that was more ‘in between’ than exactly here or there.

You go one way to the arch, another to the carillon, down into the woods, or across the meadows to the vista that used to be ordinary farmland….

The cobbles lead to some of those places, but looked at from this direction, they also all lead into one another, endless merging rows of granite and moss, churning into new patterns with each new angle of observation.

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The moss has been flourishing all winter. This snow was really more like a brief bit of playing dress-up with a season that wasn’t supposed to be around.


It was gone by the afternoon, and warm enough for me to start pruning shrubs and noticing all the mantis egg cases that had been stowed in the Nine-bark bush.  Ah well.  Maybe we’ll get more before the winter is completely gone….

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